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angelconnectionslogo.gif The mission of Angel Connections is to help individuals:
  • Connect with their spiritual self (soul & spirit) as well as their Guardian Angels/Spirit Guides.
  • Grow spiritually.
  • Find inner strength & peace.
  • Improve health & relationships.
  • Attract abundance/prosperity.
  • Release & let go of negative energy which causes stress/problems.
  • Improve the quality of life through spiritual awareness.

Offers a selection of



Seminars, lectures, workshops can be custom-designed for your group, club or organization. Choose any one or a combination of any of the programs listed. They can be as short as a one-hour session or extend over an entire week-end.
Cost for groups of 10 or more averages $10 - $15 per hour per person, (slightly more for smaller groups) depending on program selected.
Call today and let us assist you in designing a program to fit your interests/schedule.

Barbara M. Hardie
Angel Connections
238 West Granville Road
Tolland, MA 01034

Barbara Hardie has combined her business experience, hypnotherapy skills and spiritual awareness in developing the programs offered by Angel Connections.

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Meditation: Learn specific techniques for relaxing the body and quieting the conscious mind - the keys to inner guidance. (1 hr.)Temple Meditation: Experience accessing the higher levels of the mind for help/guidance in any area of your life. (1 hr.)Introduction to Your Guardian Angels/Spirit Guides: Learn the key factors for communicating with the Angel Kingdom, the major role they have in our lives; and, experience a meditation to connect you with your Heavenly Helpers. (2 hr.)
Path of the Soul/Reincarnation: Follow the cycle of Life/Death/Rebirth; why we choose to return and what we can do to make each lifetime better. (1 hr.)Self-Hypnosis: Explore the many benefits of self-hypnosis. A group session will guide attendees in discovering hidden, creative and intuitive talents. (1 hr.)Past Life Regression: Experience stepping into your own personal "time machine" and going back to another time and place. (1hr.)
The Healer Within: We all have natural healing abilities. Learn how to access and use this ability for healing yourself as well as others. (1 hr.)Automatic Writing: Tap into the wealth of information stored in the unconscious mind to help solve problems or for an exciting adventure into the unknown.Spiritual Fitness/Growth: Learn how to release and let go of negative energy, and how to protect yourself from picking up negative energy from others. Experience an effective Guided Imagery exercise, which will induce forgiveness and inner peace. (1½ hr.)
Programming Prosperity: Individuals will set goals and practise reinforcing techniques to attract abundance in all areas of their life. (2 hr.)

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Barbara Hardie
Founder & Director of Angel Connections, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, member of international Association of Counselors & Therapists, Lecturer, Workshop Coordinator & Facilitator, National Secretary for The National Spiritual Alliance, Spiritual Healer & Spiritual Counselor. Graduated Fisher College in Boston - highest honors in Business Adminisrtation. Over 30 yrears of Corporate business experience. (413.258.0228)
Flo D'Aleo: Enfield, CT. Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Healer, Intuitive Counselor, Lecturer, Workshop Facilitator, Silva Mind Control Graduate. (860.745.3937)
Jodi Levesque: Windsor Locks, CT. Certified Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Healer, Intuitive Counselor, Teacher of Metaphysical & Meditation Classes, Lecturer, Workshop Facilitator, Silva Mind Control Graduate. (860.627.0598)

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