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What is a session like?

In the beginning of your first session, some time is spent going over the facts of experience in your physical history. What your main concerns are at this time and what your goals are. A brief time is spent going over a few charts of how the electrical mind/body operates. You will stay clothed during all treatment protocols. You will be asked to remove only your shoes, watch and jewelry. Depending on what your needs are at the time and because of the multitude of sciences available to you here, sometimes you will be worked on lying down on a table and sometimes you will be sitting upright in a comfortable chair. You are in a safe, quiet and nurturing environment.

I am in good health. Would I benefit from these therapies?

Yes. This therapy has excellent preventative applications. Finding and correcting energetic imbalances and weakness that might not be detected with traditional testing is key to knowing your body. It can also help eliminate pathogens before they result in damage to the system. Even those of us in ¨good¨ health could certainly benefit from these techniques.

How many sessions do you need?

This treatment is highly individual. The length of treatment varies depending upon your condition and health goals. If you are in better health, you respond faster than if your condition is chronic. Sessions are scheduled in accordance with each person's unique situation and time frame.

Can this therapy make my symptoms disappear?

Symptoms can be signs of the body's attempt to re-establish balance or of the body's inability to regulate itself. The importance of a symptom is to investigate the clues that symptoms provide in order to identify the underlying causes of ill health. Elimination of causes, toxic stress of virus, bacteria, heavy metals, resetting neurological signals can eliminate the symptoms and the result is a lasting state of well-being.

I am already receiving treatment for an illness. Will this therapy interfere?

No. There is no research to indicate that people cannot supplement their current treatment with BioResonance, Neural Organization or any other treatment offered to you here. BioResonance supports the body by helping to cancel oscillations that are in conflict within the body, thus optimizing the body's ability to heal.

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