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Suzan recalls the time during her childhood when the men first landed on the moon. The question that came into her mind at that time was we, our bodies, are only so big, we have figured out how to put men on the moon - - how come someone hasn't figured out what is happening where we live . . . in our own body?

Suzan's quest began when she attended the two year RN Training Program at Matatuck College in Waterbury, Connecticut. Shortly after, she began seeing a chiropractor who also used Applied Kinesiology during the treatments. In a relatively short p[period of time she experienced such positive results in her health, she became interested enough to pursue studies in various sciences, the foundation of which is Applied Kinesiology.

Starting in 1989, Suzan completed Touch for Health I, II and III training in West Simsbury, Connecticut with Fred Ybarra from the Touch for Health Foundation. This instruction included the use of Acupuncture Touch and Massage to improve postural balance and reduce physical and mental pain and tension.

She went on to study with Fred Ybarrra and other Specialized Kinesiology Practitioners in Vancouver, Canada. Here she completed training in accessing Body Memory to diffuse unresolved emotions that manifested as a result from accidents or other unfortunate situations.

Suzan studied Yogic healing Techniques at the Woodbury Yoga Center located in Connecticut with her teachers Anandi ma and Dileepji. She also studied Qi Gong Healing and Master Shih, founder of the Chinese Healing Arts Center In Newburg, NY. She continues to practice these techniques.

Suzan graduated from the Human Ecology Balancing Science Headquarters now located in Sedona, AZ. There she studied with professor Steven Rochlitz to test for vitamin deficiencies/excesses and food imbalances. Corrections for specific Organ Systems and helping the body build the Immune Function, checking the body for Candida, Parasites, Bacteria, Aldehydes and origin finding of body "symptoms" were the area of focus.

In Boston MA, Suzan completed training with Dr. Charles Krebs of Australia, Co-Founder and Director of the Melbourne Applied Physiology. This specialized area of training included Kinesiological Access to brain Function associated with learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, PDD, Integration Format for Left/Right Brain Hemispheres specific to the student's learning environment.

She graduated from the Applied Physiology Institute in Tucson, AZ. This area of study included clearing the power of stress attributed to attitude. The use of Energy Geneology RNA/DNA Hologram Matrix, using various techniques to help the body change predisposition genetically acquired information 9such as predisposition to disease), which is held in the memory of the cell tissue. The use of sound, taste, smell, color, and flower essences were included.

She completed training at the Ferreri Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Basic and Advanced Techniques for the reorganization of the nervous System, correcting Scoliosis, Repatterning, Building the Immune System and Balancing the Body to the Environmental Surroundings were some of the areas of focus.

Suzan studied BioResonance Therapy in California with Dr. Martain Keymer of Germany. BioResonance Therapy uses the body's own fluctuation and variation and is directed at harmonizing the body's own regulatory powers in the soft tissue. This therapy uses Electro-Accupuncture and aims to stimulate self-healing by uncovering the multi-layers of toxins involved with chronic illness.

At least two times a year, Suzan continues her Advanced Studies, taking seminars in the United States and Europe with qualified Professors, Doctors/Teachers.

Periodically, Suzan travels to work on clients around the country and offers classes for those interested in Applied Kinesiology and other areas of health.

"I am here to take the mystery

out of illness. I enjoy helping people

become aware and providing the

option for improving health."


For an appointment or
more information, call:
(414) 771-6721

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