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Helen Nelson

Counselor, Healer, Teacher, Speaker Counseler, Healer, Teacher, Speaker

In 1975, Helen Nelson became one of the first clinical death experiencers to go public. In the now understood classic fashion, this transformative experience amplified her reach into the creative dimensions beyond sensory limits. Since that period she has dedicated her life to working with the terminally ill, many beyond the reach of modern medical science. Her successful work extends even to relatives and friends of the dying. An educated and highly motivated counseler, she is not a stranger to the terminology and procedures of medicine, but travels far beyond the cognitive, empirical levels. On The Journey That Heals, Helen Nelson has created a healing meditation that takes the listener gently into realms beyond the physical confines and into the very foundations of consciousness. The listener experiences a profound journey of spiritual contact, a guided meditation which subtly transforms and expands into new dimensions of life where the physical body then stabilizes and begins to heal, like a sailboat in a storm with a stalwart keel.

--Raúl daSilva, Liner Notes, "The Journey that Heals", Meditation by Helen Nelson® 1997, Virág; Ház;

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The Journey That Heals


A Guided Visualization Meditation

An inspired speaker, gifted counselor, warm and loving
human being, it has been a privilege to be associated
with Helen Nelson in our joint work with the experience
of death and its relationship to life.

--Kenneth Ring, PhD
Author "Heading Toward Omega",
"Life at Death"
and other books.

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