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Heavenly Lift

  1. Stand in natural, relaxed stance, arms hanging loosely at sides.
  2. Slowly bring hands up to Tan Tien (2 in. below navel). Intertwine fingers, palms facing up.
  3. Raise arms, rotating palms, with fingers interlocked, outward and up overhead.

    Feet relaxed, knees soft.

    Sinking into earth, rooting, while extending palms overhead.

    Inhale as hands go up overhead. Exhale while hands come down.

  4. Bring hands back to Tan Tien.

    Fingers still locked, palms facing up.

    Sink into earth while extending into the sky. this is building a very solid foundation - well connected with the earth.

  5. Advanced Level: While inhaling and extending hands overhead, slowly raise heels off the floor.