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3 West Street
P.O. Box 1679
Litchfield, CT 06759

Phone 860.567.2784


Meditation Classes will be every Monday night beginning October 19th, from 7:30PM to 9:30PM. Karen Wexler, Message Therapist and Reiki master will be your instructor. Meditation can be a very relaxing and spiritual way of taking time to be with you and your higher self. Classes will be $10.00 per person. 6 Weeks.

November 7th, Saturday, from 12 noon to 5PM PSYCHIC FAIRat the Center. 20 minute readings are $20.00 which includes a tape of your reading. 40 minute readings are $35.00. Call for an appointment.

Aromatherapy for beginners with Tom Edwards, Biologist. Tuesday evenings starting November 10th - 17th - 24th. There will be special attention to the holiday fragrances. 7 - 9PM. $25.00 Per class with Certificate of Completion. Call to register.

Contacting your Angel Guide with Karen Kiely, hypnotherapist. Thursday evening, November 12th from 7 - 9PM. Cost $20.00. Call to register.

Psychic Circle Workshop with Ed "Crazy Bear" on November 15th, Sunday, from 1 - 3PM. Ed "Crazy Bear" will communicate through your spirit guide and teach you how to use your own gift of psychic ability. Feel free to ask questions. Cost of Workshop $20.00. Call to register.

PSYCHIC FAIR at the Center, December 5th, Saturday, from 12 noon to 5:00PM. All readings are taped and are 20 minutes for $20.00. 40 minute readings are $35.00.

Astrology classes with Dee Randis, Astrologer, begins Monday evening from 7 - 8:30PM, December 7th - 14th - 21st. Learn the signs of the zodiac, planets, and houses in astrology. The history of astrology and some interpretation will be learned. Each class is $20.00 and Certification of Completion will be given. (Test given.)

Energy Balancing Classes will begin Tuesday evenings January 5th - 12th - 19th - 26th. A four week course with Tom Edwards, Biologist. All life is energy. The amount of energy is always the same. Learn to distribute the energy and blending the energy into every day life. How much is negative and positive energy and how to distinguish the difference. Cost is $20.00 per class.

PSYCHIC FAIR January 9th, Saturday, from 12 noon to 5:00PM. All readings are taped and are 20 minutes for $20.00. 40 minute readings are $35.00.

Therapeutic Touch for beginners, Wednesday evenings beginning January 13th - 20th - 27th, from 7 - 9PM. Margo Scott will be your instructor. Margo has been with the Center for over five years. Receive a Certificate of Completion. For more information on these classes, call the Center, or Margo at 860.283.8813. The cost will be $35.00 per class. Deposit of $10.00 required.

PSYCHIC FAIR February 6th, Saturday, from 12 noon to 5:00PM. All readings are taped and are 20 minutes for $20.00. 40 minute readings are $35.00.

Aromatherapy Classes, Level 3 will begin February 16th - 23rd - March 2nd, Tuesdays from 7 - 9PM. Tom Edwards, Biologist, will be your instructor. This course will cover chemistry information of the oils and how they affect the spirit, psychology and emotions of people. Each class is $25.00 with Certificate of Completion. Call to register.

PSYCHIC FAIR March 6th, Saturday, from 12 noon to 5:00PM. All readings are taped and are 20 minutes for $20.00. 40 minute readings are $35.00.

Advanced Beginners Therapeutic Touch Classes will be offered on Wednesday evenings starting March 17th - 24th - 31st, from 7 - 9PM, with Certificate of Completion. Each class will be $35.00. Student must have taken the Beginning Class. Deposit of $10.00 required.

Monday day classes are now being organized in Therapeutic Touch. If you are interested, call to register.

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Karen Wexler, the meditation instructor for the Center, is a licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. Call us and we will send you information on how to learn Reiki I and II with Karen as your instructor.

Dee Randis, Astrologer, offers private consultations in Astrology, Tarot, Karma. Numerology is used with Astrology to enhance her readings. Readings are taped for future reference.
Home parties are also offered with the hostess receiving a free reading or merchandise at the Metaphysical Center of Litchfield. For more information about a home party, call Dee at 860.567.2784.


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