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Metaphysical / Spiritual Group

Diane Blaszka

21 Carmody Court

Torrington, Ct. 06790

(860) 482-2283


Every Wednesday Night From 7:00-9:00 p.m.

October 4

A.R.E. Forum on the Afterlife



October 11

Charlie will fill in for Diane - Meditation Time



October 18

Vacation - No Meeting.



October 25

Jocelyn Lebowitz & Jeff.. showing us the Bio Mat for great healing



Nov. 1

Audrey Craig - Wayne Dyer, The Power of Intention - Part 3.



Nov. 8

Bob Leo - Bob will show a movie, " The Secret" a must see - fabulous.



Nov. 15

Jenna Marzulla Talk on Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well Being.



Nov. 22

Group Discussion How we started our spiritual journey



Nov. 29

Bob Leo, Brenda Brown, Audrey Craig Near Death Experience.



Dec. 6

Audrey Craig More info on Nutrition and healthy living.



Dec. 13

Nick Sforza - Continue CD on "Course in Miracles".



Dec. 20

Christmas Party - Pot Luck Charlie is Santa - Bring an inexpensive Grab bag Gift - Lots of Fun- Christmas Carols, etc.



Jan., Feb., Mar.'07

No Meetings - Meetings will resume on April 4, 2007.