Charles Schenkel
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Charles H. Schenkel has written spiritual poetry since the fall of 1994, and now has 150 poems and meditations. We present two for your reading pleasure: Healing and You Can Do It.

Charles is a Reiki 2 practitioner studying to be a Reiki Master and Teacher. He has been a meditator for 25 years and a student of the metaphysical and esoteric for most of his life. He has received the Kundalini Awakening from Shri Anandi Ma at the Woodbury, CT Yoga Center to further his spiritual progress.

charlie's indian feathers Charles is a member of the A.R.E. and the World Peace Prayer Society, among many other health and environmental organizations. He is also a member of the Connecticut Poetry Society. He recently built a labyrinth in his backyard for himself and others to enjoy and receive spiritual insights and guidance.

May Peace Prevail On Earth


Healing can come in a great many ways. Most people think of healing coming from a doctor now.
But he's not the only one that can show you how. Relaxes you and makes you feel good, as you should be.
Moving your bones seems silly but sometimes it does work.
Working on your spine or cracking your neck with a quick jerk.
Moving energy in your body in many different ways.
Some old, some new, ones that really deserve praise.
Herbal and natural remedies, most of these we can use.
They help most disease but be careful, do not abuse.
Talking to someone to release your fears that you hide.
You have to rid yourself of them, you can't keep them inside.
Looking at nature, the beauty that God made for us.
Fills you with awe and love and you give Him A-plus.
Color, light, chrystals, sound, these all can help you.
Along with many others, just figure out what to do.
But the biggest healer of all is yor mind.
Prayer, meditation, affirmations, things of that kind.
Will help you to heal yourself, inside and out.
Just believe in God and yourself, let there be no doubt.
Then if it is needed you can be healed for good.
Just trust in God and yourself and try to do as you should.

Charles Schenkel 9/6/96


You can do it - - You can do it.
You can make a change in your life.
You have to believe it - - You have to desire it.
It has to be your intention to release all fear and strife.
God loves you - - God loves you.
You are a soul - - You are part of God.
He is with you always as through this life you trod.
He wants you to be happy.
He wants you to be healthy.
He wants you to be prosperous too.
God loves you - - God loves you.
You can create your own life.
Just believe, Just believe, Just believe.
You are a creator - - You are a creator.
You can create health for yourself.
You can create happiness to receive.
They are just a state of mind, your mind is yours.
You tell it what to think, say, and do.
You can do it - - You can do it.
You are an immortal being that can do
What you desire for you, for you.
You can be happy, you can be healthy.
You can be prosperous, God is all you need
Trust in God, follow God, and His word.
Think God, say it, do it, be it, in thought, word, and deed.
You can do it, You can do it, You can do it!

Charles Schenkel 9/5/97